We care about dogs. To lend a helping hand to mutts in need, Biped will donate R100 to a shelter for each kit distributed by that shelter. We've been working to put MuttMix in shelters so that people who adopt a pet can find out more about the new addition to their family. The list of our current partners is below. Please support these shelters - they do great work.

If you run a shelter and would like to participate in the programme please contact us - muttmix@bipedbiotech.com


Border Collie Rescue is a non-profit organisation, which was started in 1997 by dedicated individuals who care for this very special breed. Approximately 400 Border Collies are re-homed per year in Gauteng alone.
Border Collie Rescue attempts to address the problem of abandoned Border Collies in the following ways:
  1. By educating the public about the breed;
  2. By finding adoptive homes for abandoned and improperly placed dogs;
  3. By rehabilitating abused Border Collies
  4. By raising funds to cover the costs of sterilization of dogs, advertising, kenneling fees, transport; phone bills and veterinary fees.

Border Collie Rescue also provides an invaluable service to many Border Collie owners who, through no fault of their own, can no longer care for their dog.



Pet Welfare SA is a registered Non-Profit Company. It was started in September 2012.

Pet Welfare was formed to deal with the issues shelters face in order to reduce the stress of running a shelter or welfare. With not having to worry about food or money, more time can be spent on the animals in the care of these amazing human beings. There is an ever-increasing need for joint private animal welfare as well as someone to look after the funding, while the welfares look after the animals. Because there are so many welfares and shelters in South Africa, it becomes very difficult to decide which one to help.

80% of all donated funds and sponsorships get divided amongst the welfares who have become members.(Pet Welfare SA takes the approved 20% of the monetary value of donations to use for running costs of the company). While it may not always be a cash value, the welfares will receive food, and other material items as well as getting their vet bills paid, rentals sorted and many other items that they may need.




Ark Animal Centre is one of Johannesburg’s biggest rescue and re-homing centres specialising in puppies, pregnant mom’s and small breed dogs. Their aim is to change the consciousness in attitude of people towards animals in South Africa through education and awareness and to promote animal welfare & animal rights.

They are based in  Kyalami, Johannesburg, but have people all over the country helping with home-checks should someone happen to fall in love with a ball of fur that resides at their shelter. They also fly their puppies to most places in South Africa, provided that the puppies are over 10 weeks old. Ark also provides holiday programs for children as well as adults who want to learn more about dogs and their wellbeing.  Workshops are held for those who want to get more involved in welfare as well as workshops for those who want to improve their knowledge about dogs. 



FORA is a pro-life shelter for homeless dogs and cats, opened in August 2003. It is a non-profit organisation run by a dedicated team of volunteers.

The shelter, based in Luipaardsvlei, Krugersdorp, Gauteng has expanded to accommodate 600 dogs and 200 cats. It is a safe haven for homeless and abused animals to live whilst awaiting adoption, or failing this, to live out the rest of their lives in a safe environment.

Apart from providing a safe home. The organisation has a programme aimed at poorer communities that includes sterilization care.It also runs continued education programmes with local schools.

The "No Kill" policy is applied here. If the animal cannot get a home then it will live out it's days at the shelter where it will be cared for and loved by all the volunteers.



Wolfshaven and its associates are dedicated to the responsible rescue, rehabilitation and correct re-homing of domestic dogs from all walks of life, regardless of their age, origins, or background.  Wolfshaven is a staunch supporter of essential sterilisation for all domestic dogs. 

Resident dogs are not in kennels, but are allowed much freedom in spacious enclosures with grass, shade and walk-in shelters, or live in the home with the family. 

We pay for sterilisation, vaccination and primary health care to assist qualifying disadvantaged dog owners in our area, and strive to continually educate the public with regards to responsible, humane dog ownership, with the emphasis on the need for sterilisation. We supply needy families, who do not want to relinquish their dogs for adoption, with food on a regular basis, provided we are allowed to have the dogs in question sterilised, as we do not feed to breed.


After years of helping animals in the townships, Jillian and Vanessa Cunningham formally started Township Animal Rescue in 2004. They rely entirely on donations for their work.

They run weekly clinics in the townships (Lwandle/Nomzamo) for minor medical treatments, they transport pets from the townships to local vets for major treatments, they have put a sterilization program in place and they rescue the neglected and unwanted pets for which they try and find loving homes.

Donations are vital as they are used for vaccinations, de-worming, de-fleaing, food, special diets, dipping, injections, medications and operations. All donations are used 100% for the animals.

We have the ability to take things into our own hands and change them for the better - Let us all try and make a few more tails wag today….and every day!


Once upon a time in December 2006 an organisation called African Tails was born. Its story is one of searching and striving for ways to curb the over-population and suffering of dogs on the Cape township streets – particularly Du Noon, Joe Slovo, and Maccassar townships. The organisation is run entirely by volunteers and dedicated staff, who are bound by their love for the uniquely African dog, known as Canis Africanis, which is frequently seen in rural areas and on the streets of South Africa’s informal settlements.

The ever-increasing number of stray and neglected dogs adds fuel to the cycle of abuse, suffering and neglect. With this in mind, African Tails’ key focus areas are sterilization,
rescue & re-homing and feeding.

ART on Facebook or Debbie on +27 84 207 8070

A.R.T. has come into existence out of necessity. We are a pro life non profit organisation that relies on donations. Our aim is to Sterilise, Educate and Rescue.

Our dream is to educate so that the need to have animals removed is no longer necessary and to sterilise so that no more unwanted babies end up in shelters, and rescue those that are already unwanted or un-loved.

Every adoption is preceded by a home check and all our animals get spayed/neutered when they reach 5/6 months.


Animal Action is a small group of pro-life volunteers who are committed to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of puppies and dogs in need. Our passionate volunteers offer their time, love and often their own money to assist in finding loving homes for the animals that come to us. The vast majority of our pups and dogs are placed in foster homes, where they are well looked after, loved and integrated with family and other pets, allowing us the opportunity to assess the personality and temperament of each dog in order to ensure that they are placed with a family that is well suited.

In addition, we strongly focus on sterilisation, ensuring that we do all that we can to prevent the many unwanted litters which so often lead to the neglect and abuse of animals. We ask only for a small adoption fee (which often times only just covers the cost of the inoculation and de-worming that each of our animals receive) and rely on donations to assist us in continuing to help the many animals in need.


The Purpose of Pug Rescue: is to give every Rescue Pug a second chance to find a happy, loving home for his/her lifetime. We rescue ALL pugs regardless of age or medical condition.

Our Success: is that we adopt pugs into compatible homes – we do not adopt on a first-come first-serve basis. It is about placing the right pug in the right home.

The Pug Rescue Team: are all volunteers who, as pug lovers, give of their time, skills and resources to helping as and where they can. We are funded solely on donations which are used for veterinary bills and
flight costs for transporting pugs from other provinces to Pug Rescue in Benoni, Gauteng.


We founded FurKidz to help re-home the thousands of cats and dogs in shelters around South Africa.
www.Furkidz.co.za provides an easily searchable, comprehensive database of rescue pets and shelters. Our FurKidz Finder makes it easy for you to sort through hundreds of ads by using search criteria like breed, age, size and gender.
It is our mission to show you how many wonderful shelter animals there are out there and just how many different and unique characters are looking for forever homes. We visit shelters, take pictures and film short video clips of their animals, write pet profiles, upload the information and post fundraising events and general news.
Our FurKidz Behaviourist will answer all your questions about barking, aggression, fear, phobias, destructiveness or puppy training free of charge. We also provide an online Forum, a Library filled with pet related articles and a comprehensive service section where you can find vets, groomers, behaviourists and pet sitters

Pets are always there for us when we need them. Loyal and steadfast, they are an endless source of unconditional love.

For many in disadvantaged communities, a pet is an important part of the family. But pets suffer from poverty the same way their owners do. Without the means to provide proper care, pets can be vulnerable to disease, malnutrition and abandonment. Dogs and cats in developing countries are particularly likely to suffer from neglect and poor health.
CLAW provides primary healthcare and humane education to an increasing number of informal settlements in the Soweto/Johannesburg. In addition we do outreach sterilisation projects in rural communities.


Mission: To improve the quality of life of underprivileged animals. In our urban surroundings, the main categories are: squatter camp animals and feral cats.

Vision: To expand by obtaining more vehicles, employing more fieldworkers and to operate from our own clinic.


OUR PURPOSE: To end the pointless killings of healthy animals. OUR MISSION: To rescue, rehabilitate and re home South Africa’s abandoned pets.

Our GOALS are to:
  • Help feed dogs and cats in South African Shelters and impoverished  communities
  • Decrease the suffering, abandonment and euthanasia of South African Pets through education and a spay and neuter programme
  • Provide people and their pets with the tools they need to develop lasting and successful relationships with one another and with their communities.
  • Provide a central point for people looking to adopt and re-home their pets
  • Assist shelters by providing trained volunteers to implement world-class standards for companion animal care, including their physical, emotional and behavioral health


Husky Rescue SA rescues, rehabilitates and re homes; abused, abandoned and neglected Huskies, Nordic breeds and Nordic crosses. We also advise and counsel people having problems with their huskies in order to enable them to keep their dogs instead of giving them up. We are a non-profit organization and rely solely on donations to pay for our vets bills, dog food etc.

Husky Rescue SA is a pro-life organization and we provide the best medical care and where necessary behaviour modification programs and training for our rescues.

We comprise of an amazing group of volunteers who spend most of their free time helping to transport dogs, rehabilitate and re home them. We also have an amazing group of people who open up their homes and their hearts to our dogs to foster them until we find a permanent home for them. We have just recently opened up our Husky Haven in Chartwell North. Our dogs now have a lovely sanctuary with large enclosures where they can live happily until we find their new family. In Gauteng alone we have over 65 Huskies looking for loving homes.


PETS (Pet Empowerment in Townships) strives to empower animals in townships and poor communities. We work with the community to improve the lives of these disadvantaged animals by giving them daily meals, warm shelters, regular inoculations, sterilisations and vet care in emergencies. We also re-home those ones that are unwanted, unloved or lost. We try to instill in the communities, a responsibility and pride for their animals by not just empowering the animals, but also by educating and helping the people uplift themselves. We believe in working hand in hand with the animals and people of these impoverished areas to create unity, trust and stability for all.


The Namaqua Dog and Donkey Foundation is an animal sterilisation organisation which operates in disadvantaged communities. Since our inception, we have sterilised over 1,600 animals and plan to increase this number significantly in the near future providing we have the sponsorship.Our mission is to improve the quality of lives of these animals, and through the work that we do, improve the quality of lives of their owners. We offer owner education, primary health care services such as vaccination, dipping and deworming - as well as when funds allow, provide food, blankets, bowls, etc.  Another service we provide is that of assisting when animals are ill or injured by taking them for veterinary attention.


Kitty & Puppy Haven (KPH) is a pro-life rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing centre that takes in injured, abandoned or abused animals. All animals receive veterinary treatment where necessary, and are vaccinated, dewormed and sterilised. Once healthy, the animals are adopted out into loving homes. Kitty & Puppy Haven has a Community Veterinary Clinic (CVC) in place that services the needs of underprivileged communities, focusing mainly on Alexandra Township. They also host Dog Days in Alexandra every two months whereby animals are vaccinated and treated within the Township. Over 3000 animals are treated, adopted or sterilised by the sanctuary annually.



TEARS is a pro-life, non-profit organisation whose core aims are to rescue, rehabilitate, re-unite and rehome lost, abandoned, abused and neglected dogs and cats. The organisation also educates local communities, in particular the children, about the burden of care and responsibility we have towards the animals who share our lives.
TEARS’ primary focus is on the sterilisation of companion animals in disadvantaged communities, to prevent hordes of unwanted animals being born into a life of suffering, neglect and abuse.
Our Feral Cat Project traps, sterilises and returns feral cats to their colonies throughout the peninsula and beyond. These colonies are then monitored and limited food provided.
We have two on-site clinics in Sunnydale, at our rented premises in Lekkerwater Road and a second one at our owned property, Wenga Farm in Kommetjie Road, where we treat hundreds of animals for a wide range of conditions, illnesses and injuries and sterilise an average of 300 animals a month. Our mobile vans are active daily in the disadvantaged communities we serve, namely Masiphumelele, Ocean View, Mountain View, Red Hill, Vrygrond (Capricorn Park) and surrounding areas.
At our shelters at Lekkerwater Road and Wenga Farm we care for, at any given time, more than 300 animals, providing them with food, shelter, medical and behavioural rehabilitation and positive interaction with people.