Before posting us your sample, please complete payment of R650 per kit to Biped. We require a separate payment per kit so that we can track each dog individually. No sample will be processed without payment. You have two options to pay.
1. Perform an electronic funds transfer to the Biped Personal Biotech account using your internet banking facilities.The Biped account number is printed on the guide materials inside your kit. Use the Barcode number from your swab pack (BPxxxxx) as the reference. When payment is completed, kindly drop us a confirmation email to
2. Perform a credit card payment.
Type the Barcode Number from your swab pack (BPxxxxx) into the space below, then click the "Pay Now" button. You will be redirected to a secure payment system hosted by PayFast. You will have to register with PayFast (free and easy registration) before being able to complete the transaction. When your transaction is complete, a "Transaction completed" image will display with a green tick. If the transaction does not succeed, a "Transaction failed" image will display. 
MuttMix Kit - R650.00

MuttMix Kit + JHB or PTA Courier Fees - R760.00

MuttMix Kit + National Courier Fees - R810.00

MuttMix Kit + Wolf-Fox-Coyote Hybrid Test - R1010.00

MuttMix Kit + Wolf-Fox-Coyote Hybrid Test + JHB or PTA Courier Fees - R992.00

MuttMix Kit + Wolf-Fox-Coyote Hybrid Test + National Courier Fees - R1060.00